Cautious Retreat won’t back down on ambitions

Cautious Retreat
Cautious Retreat

IT may not be apparent from the name, but Wigan classic rock band Cautious Retreat is preparing to take a big step forward and announce itself on the region’s music scene.

The five-piece group has just finished recording its debut EP at The Lounge Studios in Wigan and will play its biggest live outing to date at Liverpool Academy in April.

The band, made up of lead vocalist Danny Fairhurst, lead guitarist Dan Betts, rhythm guitarist Matt Lamb, bassist Andy Bradshaw and drummer Cohen Hale, has already made an impact on the Wigan scene with flamboyant live shows and cover versions of some of the most theatrical songs in rock by the likes of Queen, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Tina Turner.

The five musicians have been taking their band more seriously since last summer, honing their songwriting craft and bringing together their varied tastes and influences.

Six-stringer Dan, 23, said: “Our covers are very much classic rock but the songs we write are more like rock and pop.

“It’s more about riffs and solos with big choruses, and we’ve been described as having a wall of sound.

“Classic rock is the main similarity in all our tastes, but I love the blues and people like Eric Clapton while Danny likes dramatic front men like Steve Tyler from Aerosmith, Matt and Danny like modern rock and Cohen is more into punk and music with fast drumming.

“We’re all quite perfectionist, especially as we like our own thing, so we tend to replace our songs a lot and try to write better ones, but we are really pleased with the last couple which will go on the EP.”

Cautious Retreat’s two self-penned tracks, Runaway and All Over You, will be joined on the release by a cover, which will probably be the band’s version of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary.

The group will then be putting together around 10 songs for their first full-length album after returning to the live arena in Liverpool.

Dan said: “We’re definitely a live band as we like to have a laugh on stage, so we’re really looking forward to the Liverpool gig. We’re getting a couple of coaches to take everyone down there.

“We’re hoping to play at Manchester Academy as well and are working with a management company on a possible UK tour next year, which is really exciting.

“After the Liverpool Academy show we’re going to get our heads down and write some really good songs for the album and put together an EP launch event for May or June.”

To find out more about the band, visit, check out the group’s Youtube channel or follow them on Twitter @cautiousretreat