Tour to celebrate decade of rocking

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THIS year promises to be a perfect 10 for a popular Wigan pop-punk band preparing to hit the road to mark a decade in music.

Boomin, made up of brothers Adam and Edd Langmead on guitars and vocals and drums respectively and bassist Rory O’Grady, will embark on a 12-date 10th anniversary tour across the UK finishing with a hometown show.

The tour takes in most of the UK’s major cities as well as towns such as Rossendale, Yeovil and Guildford and will see the three-piece present a selection of original songs and covers from their entire time together.

Bassist Rory says the band has certainly come a long way from its debut gig at The Charnley Arms in Standish in October 2006 and will bring their career to date full circle by rounding off the tour at The Old Courts on March 5.

Rory, 29, said: “It should be good, we’re currently promoting it like mad to get the best buzz we can. We’re probably looking forward most to the Glasgow date, we’ve never really got into Scotland and we’ve heard the crowds are really lively.

“I think it’s good to finish the tour here in Wigan, bringing things all the way back round. I remember out first gig was like a restaurant-style set up but Adam worked there at the time and he said we would play.

“We’re going to vary our sets and we just want to put on a good show and throw everything at it.

“We might even include one of our medleys, we will just get the vibe of what people are after.

“The tour is kind of the story of our life really. We’ve done so much stuff we’ve never got round to touring the whole country playing our own music.

“We’ve done a bit of everything and been in and out of the scene, so it’s good to get round to doing this.

“It’s like a new chapter and we’ve got some different ideas for after this tour. We’re not afraid of going to other places now we’ve come this far.”

Rory says the band is considering allowing fans to pick some of the setlists for the tour, which starts in Rossendale on February 23, through Boomin’s social media.

The tour will probably showcase the group’s original mix of self-penned songs and covers given the Boomin treatment, some of the most recent songs they have created and perhaps some of the party act they have toured successfully around Britain’s holiday camps.

Rory says the band is also planning a greatest hits-style album to coincide with the tour, rounding up the band’s 10-year career with songs that did not previously make it on to Boomin’s albums, several B sides and unreleased tracks and also a new song.

The band also plans an album of acoustic covers.

The UK is being arranged by European Tour Collective, who previously worked with the band on a short tour of their side project for original songs Bite The Shark, and sees Boomin supported by Hidden Skies, Cavalier and Apherium.

Boomin’s 10 Year Tour kicks off at The Artisan in Rossendale on February 23 and concludes at The Old Courts in Wigan on March 5.

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