“Let it Go”, “Scooby-Dooby-Doo” and “To Infinity and Beyond” voted the most iconic kids’ TV and film catchphrases

“Let it Go”, “Scooby-Dooby-Doo” and “To Infinity and Beyond” have been voted the most iconic kids’ TV and film catchphrases.
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The top 50 list also includes “Paw Patrol is on a roll”, “Peeeeepa Pig” and Bob the Builder’s “Can we fix it? Yes, we can”.

In the Night Garden’s “Upsy Daisy” also made the list, as did “Cowabunga” from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Blaze and the Monster Machine’s catchline “Let’s Blaze”.

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The poll of 1,000 mums and dads of 2–7 year-olds found more than half of them use sounds or phrases from TV shows and films to ask their child what they want to watch.

The top 50 list also includes “Paw Patrol is on a roll”The top 50 list also includes “Paw Patrol is on a roll”
The top 50 list also includes “Paw Patrol is on a roll”

And the research, commissioned by Sky Q to launch its new voice search feature, Kids Quotes, found 61 per cent of youngsters referred to their favourite programmes by using sounds from the shows before they could even speak.

More than one in 10 children have used a pig snort noise to indicate they wanted to watch Peppa Pig and 13 per cent have said the phrase “Chase is on the case” to ask for Paw Patrol.

The study also found that of those who have a voice search function on their TV, 79 per cent said their child has tried to use it to bring up their favourite TV show.

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And almost nine in 10 parents said this helps their child pick what they want to watch.

The study also found more than two thirds of children use catchphrases from TV and film in day-to-day life.

Three quarters of parents even believe these slogans have helped their child learn.

A further two in five youngsters started to use a TV remote before they started school and more than three quarters did so before the age of five.

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Seven in 10 also said recognisable sounds from TV shows and films made it easier to understand what their child wanted to watch before they could even speak.

But 55 per cent have on occasion struggled to identify what they were asking for.

Kids’ favourite shows today were found to be Peppa Pig (29 per cent), Paw Patrol (28 per cent) and Fireman Sam (21 per cent).

It also emerged more than a third of children typically decide what they want to watch and, luckily, 80 per cent of parents enjoy watching their children’s choice of programme.

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Storm Keating, who is fronting the campaign for Sky Q said: “We have great fun watching Cooper and Coco’s favourite shows together as a family and now Cooper can use his favourite phrases with Sky Q’s ‘Kids Quotes’ to easily get to what he wants to


“He definitely knows more phrases than I do, but now I don’t need to play the guessing game.”

To help families quickly get to the TV their kids want, Sky Q has launched Kids Quotes, a new voice search feature, with 20 of the nation’s most iconic catchphrases now added to its leading voice control platform.

Phrases such as ‘Let it Go’ will help kids easily find Frozen, ‘Chase is on the case’ will take you straight to Paw Patrol and ‘Oh George’ will bring your favourite pig, Peppa to the big screen.

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Fraser Stirling, group chief product officer, at Sky, said: “It’s natural to talk to your TV, which is why kids love using voice search on Sky Q, and by adding their favourite catchphrases we’re making finding what they want to watch fun, easy and quick.”

Top 50 memorable and iconic kids TV and film phrases according to parents:

1. “Let it Go” – Frozen

2. “Scooby-Dooby-Doo” – Scooby Doo

3. “To infinity and beyond” – Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story

4. “Can we fix it? Yes we can” – Bob the Builder

5. “What’s up Doc?” – Bugs Bunny

6. “Yabba Dabba Doo” – Fred Flintstone

7. “Hakuna Matata” – Lion King

8. “Paw Patrol is on a roll” – Paw Patrol

9. “Peeeeepa Pig” – Peppa Pig

10. “Chase is on the case” – Paw Patrol

11. “Eh-oh” – Teletubbies

12. “Th-th-th that’s all folks” – Looney Tunes

13. “I taught I taw a putty tat” – Tweety Pie

14. “I love muddy puddles” – Peppa Pig

15. *Pig snort* for Peppa Pig

16. “Upsy Daisy” – In the Night Garden

17. “Thunderbirds are Go” – Thunderbirds

18. “It’s a bing thing” – Bing

19. “Cowabunga” – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

20. “Hello, hello, how are you?” – Something Special / Mr Tumble

21. “Oh no, a Gruffalo” – The Gruffalo

22. “You’re Welcome” – Moana

23. “Exterminate” – Doctor Who

24. ‘Oink oink’ – Peppa Pig

25. “Howdy Partner” – Woody, Toy Story

26. *Choo Choo* - Thomas and Friends

27. “Oh, George”– Peppa Pig

28. “You really are a useful engine” – Thomas and Friends

29. "Meet meep" - Road Runner/ Looney Tunes

30. “Into the night to save the day, it’s time to be a hero” – PJ masks

31. “Let’s Blaze” – Blaze and the monster machines

32. “Zoinks” – Shaggy / Scooby Doo

33. “Aye aye captain” – Spongebob Squarepants

34. “Let’s hop to it” – Peter Rabbit

35. "Thundercats, Hoooo!" – Thundercats

36. “Hoppity-voosh” – Bing

37. “Quack” – Sarah and Duck

38. “Swiper, no swiping” – Dora the Explorer

39. “These paws uphold the laws” – Paw Patrol

40. "Autobots, transform and roll out!" – Transformers

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41. 'Woof woof' – Clifford The Big Red Dog, Spot The Dog, Paw Patrol

42. 'Baaaa' – Shawn the Sheep

43. “Wakey wakey tofu eggs and bacey” – Teen Titans Go

44. 'Beep beep' – Cars

45. “Great fires of London” – Fireman Sam

46. “Hold onto your bobs, bits” – Bits and Bobs

47. “Octonauts to the HQ” – Octonauts

48. “Go Ninja go” – Lego Ninjago

49. “Magic always leads to trouble” – Ben and Holly

50. “Fab-a-roonie” – The Tweenies

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