The Apprentice: Lord Sugar's warning to Wigan security man Aaron Willis as he scrapes through to the third week

Last night, saw BBC'S the Apprentice candidates tackle a dental themed challenge, and Wigan security worker Aaron Willis got through by the skin of his teeth.

Friday, 14th January 2022, 9:39 am

This week, the teams were tasked with creating and pitching their own child's electric tooth brush, and the 38 year old RAF Flight Operations Instructor put himself forward as project manager, citing his four children as providing him with plenty of experience.

Aaron's leadership was a firm and decisive one, telling his team he wanted a gender neutral wizard themed brush as he knew first hand the vast popularity of Harry Potter, and he was pretty robust to other's suggestions.

However the Vulcan Security worker’s wizard themed toothbrush did not brush, and the boys team were triumphed by the girls' yet again- putting project manager, Aaron, in the hot seat.

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Aaron Willis

Calling his sub-team project manager, Conor Gilsenan, and colleague Nick Showering into the board room with him, the three battled it out in a war of words, in what looked to be a very close match.

Accused of creating a bad project (the toothbrush was described as looking like a "turd", and came with the unfortunately named character "Wiffy"), Aaron seemed to sweet talk his way around Lord Sugar, as it was the 28 year old sales executive and former rugby union player Conor who got sent home in a black cab instead.

However, Lord Sugar was quick to remind Aaron of how close he was to getting the boot- warning him "I'll be watching you" as the former milkman, horseman and butcher got up to leave the boardroom.

But for now, Aaron is still in the game for that £250,000 business partnership, much to the surprise of his fellow competitors back at the house, who he told: "I fought like I'd never fought before, probably the hardest thing I've ever had to."

This is the 16th season of the hit BBC show, after being cancelled for two years due to the Covid pandemic, and Aaron is now one of 14 young business minds hoping to be crowned the winner.

You can watch how Aaron gets on every Thursday at 9pm on BBC 1.