Readers' letters - April 18

Military strikes are not the solution to Syrian conflict

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Are energy prices too high?

Readers' letters - April 17

I don’t need a smart meter to tell me energy bills are rising
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What do you think of other countries  including America  getting involved in the Syrian conflict?

Readers' letters - April 16

After two world wars, we still haven’t learnt anything
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BBC and ITV news coverage isnt to blame for violent crime says a correspondent

Readers' letters - April 14

Violent crime not due to bad news on television
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Has there been an increase in the number of pupils in classes?

Readers' letters - April 13

Beware of the creeping rise in school class sizes

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A correspondent gives his view on technology

Readers' letters - April 12

I should be thankful I was born decades too soon
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Correspondent Aled Jones says the health case against sugar is weak

Readers' letters - April 11

Government hasn’t done enough research on sugar
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Theresa May is leading a weak and ineffective Brexit path, says our reader

Readers' letters - April 10

When are the Tories going to ditch ineffective May?
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Are people being forced to go online? What do you think?

Readers' letters - April 9

No freedom of choice when we’re forced to go online
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What's causing the increase in knife crime?

Readers' letters - April 7

Is war coverage on TV increasing violence?
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There have been allegations of anti-Semitism in'the Labour Party

Readers' letter - April 6

‘Mural was anti-Semitic and racist – but Corbyn isn’t’

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A correspondent asks, do we need parole at all?

Readers' letters - April 5

Justice system exposed by serial rapist’s parole

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We have to buy more British goods to boost the economy says a correspondent

Readers' letters - April 4

Let’s buy British – and stop falling for posh foreign food

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A correspondent says Julian Assange should leave the Ecuadorian embassy

Readers' letters - April 3

It’s time for Julian Assange to leave Ecuadorian embassy

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Does the Government need to do more to address gambling issues?

Readers' letters - April 2

Make it illegal for gambling companies to offer ‘bribes’

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Potholes cost this country millions of pounds to repair says a correspondent

Readers' letters - March 31

Potholes are dangerous and expensive – fix them

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The issue of teeth decay has got worse says a correspondent

Readers' letters - March 30

Lack of basic knowledge contributes to decay issue

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Should England pull out of the World Cup?

Readers' letters - March 29

England should pull out of World Cup tournament
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A correspondent asks readers to think before buying eggs

Readers' letters - March 28

Spare a thought for the poor chickens this Easter
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Sir Ken Dodd

Readers' letters - March 26

Sir Ken Dodd grabbed my police helmet off me
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