Readers' letters - July 20

Help save young people’s lives this hot summer
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England manager Gareth Southgate  but was the teams performance overrated by the national media?

Readers' letters - July 19

England football fans – you need to face up to reality
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What do you think of school proms?

Readers' letters - July 18

Parents, keep school prom nights within reason
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A correspondent says patients must not be forgotten about when it comes to Brexit

Readers' letters - July 17

Don’t forget health issues when leaving the Union
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A correspondent says we are lucky to live in a country where  we can express our own taste. What do you think of tattoos?

Readers' letters - July 16

People’s tattoos are nothing to do with me
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Trees are vital for wildlife, says a correspondent. See letter

Readers' letters - July 14

Loss of trees destroys habitat for UK wildlife
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Firefighters tackle a blaze on moorland. A reader says they deserve our gratitude and support

Readers' letters - July 12

A thank you and a smile will cost you nothing at all
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Boris Johnson, former Foreign Secretary, and David Davis, former Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union

Readers' letters - July 11

We need politicians who will lead us out of this unholy mess
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What do you think of Donald Trumps visit to the UK?

Readers' letters - July 10

Where were the protests against Robert Mugabe?
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Water companies are urging people not to waste water during the heatwave

Readers' letters - July 9

Rise in population is at the root of our problems
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We always have to be aware of scams says a correspondent

Readers' letters - July 7

A tough world out there with scam sharks abound
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Do you use cash or card? See letter

Readers' letters - July 6

Future ‘cashless’ society will be a ‘choiceless’ one society
What do you think of Armed Forces Day? Do you agree with our correspondent that it promotes pro-war propaganda?

Readers' letters - July 5

Forces Day gives children the wrong idea of war
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The Duke of Cambridge during a visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City, as part of his tour of the Middle East

Readers' letters - July 4

Prince William does a much better job than Boris Johnson
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A correspondent writes about the importance of post offices

Readers' letters - July 3

Support your local post office as cashpoints vanish
Jeremy Kyle

Readers' letters - July 2

Jeremy Kyle’s show seems to be serving a purpose
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People are being warned to think before trying to help chicks'''Picture: Gerard Harris

Readers' letters - June 15

RSPB: Please don’t kill baby birds with kindness
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Readers' letters - June 8

Join us in fighting for rights for health service workers
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Only Labour has pledged to tackle the spate of high street bank closures says a correspondent

Readers' letters - June 7

‘Labour’s the only party which cares about communities’
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A correspondent warns of the dangers of only relying on credit cards

Readers' letters - June 6

Keep cash handy – don’t put all your eggs in one basket
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