La Sentidos Loca: Bringing the Mexican flavour to Wigan

In the United States, the Mexican cuisine industry is worth an estimated $41bn. From tacos to tortillas, fajitas to frijoles the Mexican foodie revolution has found a foothold on UK shores as well, with La Sentidos Loca in Wigan offering locals the chance to chow down on some serious Tex-Mex grub.

Yamaha Centre Wigan

Wigan Yamaha Centre: Revving petrol-heads' engines since 2000

'Round these parts, 'on your bike' isn't so much a throwaway comment as a way of life. Catering for all your motorcyclist needs, offering everything from motorbike sales, parts, and accessories to apparel, servicing, and MOTs, the Wigan Yamaha Centre really is the place for petrol-heads of a two-wheeled persuasion.
Doreen Walsh

Butchers Fayre: Wigan's finest straight from the Kings table

The story of Kings Fine Cooked Meats in Wigan goes back to 1888, when founder Frank King first opened up a butcher's stall in Wigan's famous Market Hall. That stall went from strength to strength, gaining a sterling reputation for quality and service, especially when it came to home-cooked meats.

Every spring, The Courtyard sells its special Greek gyros

The Courtyard: Wigan's one-stop treat paradise

Burgers of fried chicken and juicy beef slathered in melted cheese. Golden fries and proper fry-ups. Every spring, there's Greek gyros. For those with a sweet tooth, there's slabs of cheesecake and more types of brownies than you can lick your lips at.

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