CrossFit JST

CrossFit JST: Wigan's high-intensity work-out haven keeping it interesting

CrossFit, a high-intensity form of interval training which combines elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, and aerobic fitness, was founded in 2000 and has since taken the exercise world by storm. There are now over 13,000 affiliated CrossFit gyms and Crossfit JST in Wigan is at the forefront of the fitness revolution in the town.

Jetz Travel owners Nick and Donna Brooks

Jetz Travel: Behind the scenes at the jet-setting Wigan travel agents'

It's rather fitting that Donna and Nick Brooks, owners of the family-run travel agency Jetz Travel, first met each other whilst abroad. The jet-setting pair met under the Floridian sun and now live in Astley, having dedicated themselves to the business of offering the best holidays available to those as keen on travel as they are.

(From left) Neil Woodward, Rachael Horrocks, Tracy Cunliffe, and Matt Rowson.

Pier Aquatics: Wigan's world-famous tropical fish experts

In 2007, Neil Woodward, owner of Pier Aquatics, became the first person to breed stingrays in captivity in a 500-gallon tank his Wigan home. Having made countless excursions to the Amazon in search of rare tropical fish over the years, Neil's passion for all things aquatic is embodied in Pier Aquatics to this day.

Staff at Bijou Hair Salon

Bijou Hair Salon: Wigan hairdressing wonderland complete with its own salon dog

Having worked for Toni & Guy for five years, Gemma Norton knew that she wanted to make the next step. "I'd just got married and wanted to start a family in the future, so I wanted a little more," said Gemma, 38. "I wanted something to call my own and put my own imprint on and I thought owning my own salon was going to be like having a party with my mates everyday!"

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