Travelling by train

The joy of train travel, sometimes

There’s a line in the first Bridget Jones novel where she  casts aside the temptation of a  chauffeured limo  (albeit proffered by the pompous Mark Darcy)and anounces ‘I shall get one of my trains,’ before stomping off to board one of British Rail’s finest, no doubt.

Postcards sent by Thomas Fitzpatrick to his daughter Mary

How a series of first world war postcards from father to daughter revealed the untold 'great escape' of soldier Thomas Fitzpatrick who survived one of the most notorious prisoner of war camps in Germany.

After fighting in the trenches, Thomas Fitzpatrick was captured and sent to one of the most notorious prisoner of war camps in Germany but survived to make his own great escape. One hundred years on, the Lancashire Post’s Deputy Editor Nicola Adam uses a series of wartime postcards to piece together the untold First World War story of her great-grandfather, Thomas Fitzpatrick
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