Clarification: When is a pub meal not a pub meal?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the new Covid alert levels were being introduced to “squash this virus wherever it appears”.

Monday, 12th October 2020, 7:33 pm
Updated Monday, 12th October 2020, 7:34 pm

Lockdown measures across England will from Wednesday be governed by three “Covid Alert Levels” under plans set out by the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson said the new tiers would “simplify and standardise our local rules” while seeking to suppress Covid-19’s spread.

For area in Tier 3, pubs and bars will be forced to close unless they can function as restaurants serving “substantial” meals, and alcohol could be served as part of those meals.

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The regulations refer to a “table meal"

In legislation relating to locations in the “very high” tier, clarity has been given as to what constitutes a meal in a pub.

The regulations refer to a “table meal, and the meal is such as might be expected to be served as the main midday or main evening meal, or as a main course at either such meal”.

They further explain that “a ‘table meal’ is a meal eaten by a person seated at a table, or at a counter or other structure which serves the purposes of a table and is not used for the service of refreshments for consumption by persons not seated at a table or structure serving the purposes of a table”.