Drivers blamed for Wigan car park charge blunders

A parking firm has rebuffed multiple claims that it is incorrectly issuing penalties to Wigan motorists.

Friday, 23rd November 2018, 8:32 am
Updated Friday, 23rd November 2018, 2:45 pm
The car park at the centre of the disputes

Dozens of road users have gone public in recent weeks, with claims of unfair practices at HX Car Park in King Street, Wigan, after being stung with hefty charges of £100 or more.

Chief among them are claims that the ticket machines are only allowing drivers to input half of their licence plate before a ticket prints off, resulting in a letter through their door despite their having paid the correct amount.

The situation has become so hotly contested that a social media group, set up for people to share their concerns about the car park, counts around 150 members. Similar groups have been set up across the country, reporting the same issue of being unable to type in their licence in full at other HX-run sites.

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Wigan’s MP Lisa Nandy has been contacted by at least two motorists expressing frustration with the firm’s practice.

But HX insists the penalties are entirely the drivers’ fault and there is no problem with the machines.

A spokesman said: “There is no issue with the King Street machines; the error lies with the user.

"Claims that it only allows them to input half a VRN before it prints is incorrect.

"When they go to the pay and display machine they have to first enter their VRN before pressing the green button which opens the coin slot to make payment.

"Once payment is made, they must then press the green button again to print the ticket therefore it is impossible for it to print a ticket before entering a full VRN as it is wholly down to the user to confirm to print.”