New electric cabbies come to Wigan

Sleek, modern and eye-catching, Steven McClymont's new electric black cab is the first of its kind in the borough.

Thursday, 27th December 2018, 9:09 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 5:16 pm
Steven McClymont with his new electric taxi

A smooth ride, spacious interior and free wifi are just extra perks on the LEVC cab journey, which is all about doing its bit for Wigan’s environment.

Mr McClymont, also known as Jimmy, said: “There are 1,200 people in Greater Manchester who die every year due directly to air pollution so we have to do something.

“This will be making a huge difference as my old diesel cab would have been contributing a lot of air pollution which we now know is a great health risk.”

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Using the electric charging points across the borough Steven gets around 65 miles with each charge and uses minimal petrol – usually costing him around £20 a week compared to his old fuel bills of around £200 a week.

The LEVC cab is already making a massive difference on the streets of the borough, where customers are feeling the benefit of the cosier interior compared to the taxis of old.

Mr McClymont said: “Every customer I’ve had in the cab so far has commented on how nice it is to get in a cab that is comfortable to ride in.

“I’ve seen massive savings so far on my fuel and the warranty means I’m covered for all repair bills for the next few years so the actual saving over the year will be huge.

“I’m surprised more people aren’t going for them but I think the price tag does put people off.

“But if you combine the savings on fuel and maintenance it’s not costing any more to run an old diesel cab.

“I come home from work so much happier because it’s an amazing vehicle.

“Also it takes around 30 minutes for me to charge it up so I’m using it as an opportunity to go for a walk so it’s also great for my health too and can help others when we spend all day sat down.”

Coun Joanne Marshall, lead member for greener Wigan, said: “Steven is clearly very passionate about making a difference to our environment and is a great example of how we can all do things differently to improve our borough’s health and wellbeing. It is vital we all think about the impact our lives are having.”

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