Resident's fears of road lorry dangers

A Wigan man has called on the council to step in over what he believes to be a dangerous amount of lorries using residential streets to access an industrial site.

Wednesday, 11th April 2018, 9:30 am
Mr Haywood says Willow Road is not suitable for heavy vehicles

Beech Hill resident Paul Haywood is concerned about the number of HGVs using Willow Road to access Standish Wood Lane, which leads to the G&B North West premises at Giants Hall Farm.

Mr Haywood says that while he has no qualms about the business itself, he feels the small lane being used to get to it is putting safety at risk.

“This estate has a lot of children. There are lots of wagons coming down here now because their sat navs are sending them down here,” he said. “There are speed limits but nobody adheres to them. It even shakes the ground as they drive over the speedbumps.”

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“This road and this estate, it’s not really for trucks. Somebody is going to get killed. This is a residential area, not designed for 40ft container wagons.

“I have asked for weight restriction on this road. Our main concerns are, what will happen if, God forbid, a young child was to be involved in a fatal accident with one of these large industrial vehicles?”

Furthermore, planning proposals have been submitted to the council to expand the industrial site, meaning more large vehicles could soon be using the cramped roads.

It has led Paul to gather the opinions of around 50 of his neighbours, and deliver a petition to the council against the route, saying “I don’t want it on my conscience if somebody gets hurt.”

He said: “They have got a choice. The other option is another road which some wagons already go gown, down Gidlow Lane and past (Brockhurst) farm.

Marie Bintley, assistant director for growth and housing at Wigan Council, said: “We have received a planning application and have consulted on the proposal.

“We have received a number of representations and we are assessing the proposed development. The application will be considered by Planning Committee in due course.”

The planning application is under consideration, with a decision expected to be reached by early May. Full details of the proposals can be viewed at using the reference A/18/85267/MAJOR