Striking workers come together for trade union rally in Wigan town centre

Teachers, train drivers, civil servants and other workers came together in Wigan town centre for a “day of anger”.

Several trade unions held strike action on Wednesday, with teachers among those taking to picket lines across Wigan.

A rally was organised by Wigan Trades Council to bring everyone together to voice their concerns.

It was a chance to oppose the Government’s plans for anti-strike legislation, as well as to highlight the battles being fought by each union.

Dave Lowe, secretary of Wigan Trades Council, said: “We are here today for this rally, which we have organised, because of the call by the Trade Union Congress for a day of action and a day of anger against the Tories’ proposed anti-trade union laws.

"We are not here just because of that, we are actually here because of the cost-of-living crisis. We are here because people are fighting for their lives. They are fighting to put bread on the table, to pay their bills, they are fighting to put their kids through school and clothe them.

"We are fighting to save services, whether it’s the NHS, whether it’s the benefits system, whether it’s the railways, whether it’s education.

"We are here to bring all those workers together, because it’s only together that we will be able to beat the bosses and beat the Tories.”

Other rallies were held across the country, including in Manchester and London.

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