Thai tattoo master to visit Wigan studio

From left, Dan Sharples, Adam Fairhurst, Ed Jennings owner of Siam House Thai takeaway, Standish, and Maz Marrow
From left, Dan Sharples, Adam Fairhurst, Ed Jennings owner of Siam House Thai takeaway, Standish, and Maz Marrow

A Thai tattooist who is one of the most highly regarded in Asia for his art will visit Wigan on his world tour thanks to a local takeaway owner.

Master Adjarn Ohr, the leading master of Sak Yant - a traditional form of bamboo tattooing in Thailand, has added Skin Graffiti studio in Wigan to his list of stops on his journey around the world next year.

Master Adjarn Ohr

Master Adjarn Ohr

The 35-year-old expert, who is visiting New York City as well as cities in Australia, China, Sweden and the Netherlands, was invited to the borough by Siam House takeaway owner Ed Jennings.

Ed, who runs the Standish establishment with his partner Kannika, met Master Adjarn Ohr’s agent Martin - who runs the world-renowned studio Bangkok Ink - when he was visiting London.

“We spoke about the Love of Thai food that we have here locally,” he said. “We ended up talking for hours over numerous pots of green tea that our customers at Siam House love the food and now that’s it’s a major holiday destination.

“And we both shared the same passion. He was sceptical at first but I ensured him that Wigan was the right choice and won him over.”

Sak Yants are hand-poked tattoos, also known as “bamboo tattoos” or “Thai tattoos”, each one with a special meaning and purpose.

The tattoos are then blessed, which is thought to unleash their power.

“He specialises in these tattoos,” added Ed. “There is a lot of people who are already up for getting blessed.

“I think there is a real demand for it and what a better way to put Wigan on the map.

“We already know that Thai food and culture is very popular in the area through our customers.”

Master Adjarn Ohr is set to visit the Library Street tattoo parlour on June 1 next year.

Although he is only confirmed one day, it is expected he may put on an extra date due to popular demand.

Dan Sharples, owner of Skin Graffiti, said: “I do a lot of Eastern-inspired tattoos, Japanese imagery but the Western way so it does tie into that.

“It’s really exciting time. I think it’s going to be a very busy few days.”

Bangkok Ink describes Master Adjarn Ohr as one of three best masters in Sak Yant in Thailand.

On their website they say: “Ajarn Ohr performs the amazing white magic and blessing we have listened to. Our clients say that the experience is in the top five things they have experienced, if not the top.

“At the age of just 35 years old and is regarded highly by other masters.

“He has developed a large network of Sak Yant Masters and disciples. He is taking Sak Yant to a new level and is becoming a leader in many areas.”

To book contact Skin Graffiti. Places are expected to be in high demand.