Wigan cafe still proving to be huge success

Angie and husband Dave
Angie and husband Dave

When Ena and Jim’s Coffee Shop and Sandwich Bar opened last summer, owner Angie Greenall couldn’t have imagined how quickly it would become a hit with the locals.

When the 49-year-old opened her business in Warrington Road, Ince, she was entirely new to the food and drink industry, having decided to finally pursue her dream of owning her own cafe.

She used to spend upwards of eight hours a day on the road as a driver, until a collision with a wagon left her requiring several operations and facing a gruelling recovery.

She eventually returned to work after several months, but found herself unable to readjust to her previous job.

“I had to have counselling for PTSD, and loads of operations,” she said. “I said to my husband, what can we do?”

But Angie had a plan up her sleeve, and decided now was the perfect time to pursue her dream.

She booked a viewing at a former dog grooming salon, harbouring dreams of converting it.

But after seeing the condition of the property, Angie and husband Dave realised that setting up shop would be no easy task.

“I thought ‘how on Earth are we doing to make this work?’”

“This property was awful, it was run down, it was smelly and looked like it had no potential,” said Angie’s daughter Lydia.

Dave spent six weeks, day and night, renovating the space and making it pristine, much to Angie’s delight, and the shop was ready to open to the public. All Angie needed now was a name for the business. Ena and Jim, the shop’s namesakes, were Angie’s grandparents.

“They were in the catering industry from the 1960s, so it’s kind of in my blood,” Angie said.

The cafe opened last June, on daughter Lydia’s 18th birthday, and has become a hit among the community.

Angie said: “It was really scary in the first few weeks. It was so emotional, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, I just kind of winged it. I just got stuck into at all. It was hard work, really hard work. But now it’s like a well oiled machine.”

She added: “The customers are really lovely, it’s a really good community around here. I’d say a good 80 per cent of the business is repeat custom.”

Ena and Jim’s, which holds a five star food hygiene rating, is at 457 Warrington Road in Ince. It is open from 8am-2pm Monday to Saturday, and 10am-1pm on Sundays.