Wigan coffee shop owners open new bakery and luxury goods store

Will Catlin and Stephen Blundell in their new venture
Will Catlin and Stephen Blundell in their new venture

A new bakery and luxury goods store is offering Wiganers the chance to sample delights they might be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the borough.

Leo’s Patisserie and Emporium opened its doors to the public last week, offering up a range of products from delicious baked goods and luxury items to quirky cards and homemade gifts.

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The Wigan Lane shop is the brainchild of Stephen Blundell and Will Catlin, who opened the popular Caffe Rosso coffee shop and bakery just two doors down in 2016.

After three and a half years of success, and following several customers expressing their desire to buy more products from him, he decided now was the time to expand the business.

“We didn’t have room in the cafe to sell the coffee that we use. We had people asking us to, but we didn’t have the space to stock it,” said Stephen.

Thus was born the idea for Leo’s, a new shop stocked to the brim with products designed to pique curiosity.

Stephen said: “We’ve got a lot of homemade cakes for weddings and birthdays etc. There’ll be alternative greeting cards, the likes of which you wouldn’t get in Clinton’s!

“We’ve got some really unique gifts, handmade from porcelain, ladies accessories, costume jewellery.

“Then we’ve also got luxury foods, the sort you’d get in somewhere like Harrods.

“A range of things like chocolates, honeycomb, nuts etc, and lots of condiments you can’t really get in Wigan - real premium stuff.

“There’s also a large range of fancy biscuits that are really nice, and drinks like American sodas. It’s going to be a vast array of different things.”

Stephen said: “I worked in IT for a very long time, but I was always a home baker. It was always my hobby.

“But I was made redundant, and with the proceeds of that I opened the cafe.”

He revealed that Cafe Rosso got off to a slow start, but is now very popular and hopes his new venture will get off to a flyer.

“My big concern is getting people to know who we are,” he said.

“When we opened the cafe three years ago, it took us a long time for people to realise we were here.

“But there’s a lot of luxury things you can’t get anywhere else in Wigan.”

You can pay a visit to Leo’s Patisserie and Emporium at 21 Wigan Lane.