Wigan animal rescue organisation launch festive fowl appeal

An animal rescue organisation which saves ex-factory farm chickens from slaughter is desperately appealing for Wiganers willing to show some seasonal goodwill and give them a new home.

Amberswood-based Lucky Hens Rescue has saved the lives of more than 28,000 caged fowl in recent years and has been given the chance to rescue even more this weekend.

But they do not currently have enough people willing to adopt the former battery-farmed hens, which have outlived their commercial usefulness, and give them a new start in life rather than see them get the chop.

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Alison Thorpe, who runs the centre, said: “We have got 670 left.

“It’s a small farm we are rescuing from on this occasion.

“They had 2,000 and normally we rescue about 400 and the rest go for slaughter.

“On this occasion the farmer has said we can save them all.”

So far they have secured new owners for a total of 148 hens, with the first ones being collected from the farm this weekend and going to their new homes.

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Alison said: “We are going on Saturday to bring as many as we can, but we can only bring about 100 extra back.”

Any hens that do not get a home this weekend will stay at Lucky Hens, with the rest brought from the farm on January 4, when a second adoption day is being held.

But that means the community interest community will have to find the food and supplies to care for the hens until they are rehomed.

Alison said: “We will have them for a good few weeks and they will be eating us out of house and home.”

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She is appealing for people to consider adopting hens and providing new homes for them as family pets.

Alison said: “It’s easy to keep chickens in back gardens. An average family can keep three or four.

“It’s a good thing to do.

“It’s rescuing an animal that has been an egg slave and giving them a family home, like a pet dog or cat.”

Chickens can be kept in a shed or small coop, with some people even turning children’s play houses into homes for their hens.

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They should be in secure gardens or yards and usually have space for the hens to roam.

More information about caring for hens, as well as a booking form to request an adoption, can be found at luckyhensrescuenorthwest.weebly.com.

Donations can also be made via the website to help Lucky Hens care for the caged hens awaiting new homes.

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