Wigan high school teacher features in new campaign about teaching careers

A Wigan teacher, who is already the face of a national school recruitment drive, is now featuring in a new campaign capturing the pride parents get from their child’s career achievements, particularly those who go into the classroom.

A national survey, conducted by One Poll, of over 2,000 parents of working adults aged 18 and over in England, was carried out for Get Into Teaching – the national campaign aimed at encouraging people to consider teaching as a career. It explores the sense of pride parents derive from their children’s current job or career, and how they would feel if their child was in a role with a greater sense of purpose.

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The research also revealed that: 35 per cent of parents love telling their grown-up child how proud they are of them, 68 per cent would feel proud telling others if their (now adult) child were to become a teacher, with 67 per cent believing they would make a good one. When asked what makes them most proud, half of parents said’ it’s the person they have grown up to become’. When thinking about alternative career options, 48 per cent of parents in Greater Manchester said they would feel even more proud if their child was working in a role considered to be ‘giving something back to society’, such as in healthcare or education. Coinciding with the new findings, the Get Into Teaching campaign has released a new online video featuring clips from interviews with members of the public.

Addison Brown, 30, science teacher and assistant curriculum lead for science, at Atherton High School, Wigan.

Addison Brown, 30, a science teacher and assistant curriculum lead for science at Atherton High School, and is already a familiar face on our screens.

He said: “My background is in sport and as I progressed I got involved in mentoring and teaching others, which I really enjoyed. I’ve also always had a passion for science, and after graduating from university I realised I could combine my two passions by training to teach.

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"I’ve never looked back. Teaching can be hard work, but it is immensely satisfying knowing you are helping to shape lives by enabling young people to reach their full potential. My parents have always been proud of my achievements and given me lots of encouragement and support when it comes to my teaching career. My mum is also a teacher, so I know she was especially proud when I decided to take the same path.”

Roger Pope, spokesperson for the Get Into Teaching campaign and a national leader of education, said: “Our research highlights how much pride parents up and down the country feel about their children’s achievements when it comes to work, and they’re not shy about telling others about it! Yet it’s also interesting to hear how they would feel even more proud if their child was working in a role considered to be giving something back – and how many believe their child would make a good teacher.

“At a time when many final year university students and recent graduates are exploring their future career options, I would encourage anyone interested in a career that allows you to make your mark on the world to consider teaching. Teaching is exciting and dynamic – and one that will make you proud too.”

For anyone interested in teaching as a career, the Get Into Teaching service has experienced teacher training advisers available to give free support and advice.

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Find out more at: https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk or call the Get Into Teaching line on 0800 389 2500.