Wigan school holds Harry Potter fun day for youngsters

A Wigan school was transformed into Hogwarts as part of a community group’s Harry Potter themed event.

Friday, 31st May 2019, 3:59 pm
Wands at the ready for children at the Harry Potter fun day

Community interest company One Together hosted a three-day magical event at Our Lady RC Junior and Infants School in Aspull, to keep youngsters occupied during the half-term.

Costumes, banners, cooking lessons using magical recipes, a quidditch tournament and real owls were just some of the exciting activities available for children to take part in.

Children even had the opportunity to be sorted into the four Hogwarts houses, sitting down and putting on the famous Sorting Hat to learn whether they would be sorted into Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

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Wands at the ready for children at the Harry Potter fun day

There were then wand-making sessions among many other crafts and games.

Hayley Kearns, co-founder of One Together and organiser of the event, said the event had been hotly anticipated for months.

“Every time we run a project, we ask the parents what they’d like to see next,” she said.

“Last year we did a Halloween themed event, and from that, a lot of children and parents said they’d want something to do with Harry Potter, something magical. So it was the kids really, it’s what they asked for.”

Quidditch anyone?

Hayley also revealed how the community had come together to lend a hand in setting up the event, including one parent bringing along owls from a sanctuary they managed.

“It’s just very much about using people in the community, and getting Aspull people involved in as much as possible.

“We are very lucky to have had lottery funding too, so we could spend it on costumes, and a talking sorting hat etc.

“The children decorated their own common rooms and made wands too.”

One Together was set up six months ago by Hayley, Neil West and Philip Livesey.

Hayley said of the group: “We run lots of mindfulness training, at One House in Aspull. We do youth mindfulness, teen mindfulness and things like Lego therapy. It’s kind of snowballed really.

“Every project we’ve ever run, we’ve had lottery funding for, so we never charge people for them.

“We are getting schools involved too so we are looking forward to the future.”

She added: “We are very much local. Everything we do revolves around children getting active.

“The ones we target are the ones who maybe tend to struggle with making friends at school, and struggle concentrating.

“It’s a way of bringing these children together who don’t really talk to each other at school, so it’s lovely to see.”

You can find out more about the group by visiting facebook.com/one-together-CIC