Vast majority of Wiganers believe lockdown should be extended

The overwhelming majority of Wiganers agree the UK coronovirus lockdown should be extended beyond the initial three weeks.

Monday, 13th April 2020, 1:07 pm

In a post at the weekend on the WiganToday Facebook page more than 95 per cent of people agreed that the lockdown should continue, with some going further saying it should be even more strict.

With some other European countries set to relax some of their lockdown rules, the UK is set to extend ours this week.

It has been three weeks since the country was asked to Stay Home and while there are encouraging signs that the infection curve is flattening the message from the government over the weekend was still Stay Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives.

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Wiganers think the lockdown should be extended

More than 1000 people on our Facebook page had their say, here are some of the comments:

Kim Jane said: "What lockdown? It's more of a close down than anything. People are doing as they please. Tighter restrictions need putting together."

Tom Boyle said: "The virus doesn’t travel, people do. It really is that simple, but there again so are some people."

Kelly-Marie Cassidy said: "Extended and tougher. This "lockdown" we have now is a joke."

John Price said: "Yes but only for another three weeks and then we need to look at easing the lockdown. Getting kids back to school and people back to work. Let people visit family where it's safe to do so."

Paul Ainscough said: "Absolutely yes. But there is no lockdown, let's be honest. There needs to be more stringent rules in place or else this will never go away. Total lockdown should've been done immediately."

Hannah Cath said: "Doesn't matter if it gets extended people are still going out. Need more action and more reinforcement."

Freda McIntrye said: "Yes it's not working as it is ... most of us have been in isolation 3 weeks plus ... and it's annoying that others aren't taking it seriously."

Amanda Trezise Lawrence: "I think it needs to. If we go back normal too soon it will hit with a 2nd massive wave."