New Wigan restaurant is causing quite a stir

Nutri-licious next to Empire Cinema
Nutri-licious next to Empire Cinema

A new restaurant is causing quite a stir in Wigan.

Nutri-licious is the latest addition to the town’s culinary scene.

Ollie Flinn and Terry Bridge are the brains behind Nutri-Licious Eatery and Cocktail Bar, which offers up healthy dishes alongside restaurant staples like a good steak for those who still want to treat themselves.

The Robin Park eatery opened in May and has steadily grown in popularity due to its diverse dishes.

“It’s doing well, it’s getting quite a lot of attention,” said Ollie, 31. “We wanted something a bit like fine dining that wasn’t horrendously priced.

“Like any restaurant, it didn’t take off like a rocket in the first couple of weeks. We just need the word to keep spreading, maintain a good quality and keep it consistent.”

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