Nurse struck off for "multiple" failings while working at Wigan Infirmary

A nurse has been struck off for “multiple and wide-ranging” failings while working at Wigan Infirmary.

By Liam Soutar
Tuesday, 28th May 2019, 10:08 am
Wigan Infirmary, where Carole Moss worked
Wigan Infirmary, where Carole Moss worked

Carole Moss will not be able to work as a nurse for 18 months after she admitted her misconduct, which included not completing hourly rounds and blood sugar readings for several patients who were under her care.

A Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) panel found that, at the Infirmary in 2013, Mrs Moss did not conduct observations or record them on the observation sheets on Patients A, B and C, prior to the end of her shift.

She also failed to complete blood sugar recordings for a Patient G until 6pm in the evening. She did not complete hourly intentional rounds on Patients A, D, E, F and I, nor did she complete evaluation of care sheets prior to the end of her shift for Patients A to I.

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Additionally, she checked discharge medications with an Assistant Practitioner whilst suspended from the administration of medication.

The litany of misconduct had “impaired her fitness to practice,” the panel reported.

The report said: “The panel noted that there were multiple and wide-ranging failings identified in Mrs Moss’s nursing practice. The panel considered these failings to be serious.

“The panel further noted that concerns relate to charges as far back as 2013. The panel further noted that Mrs Moss has been unable to secure employment as a nurse, and therefore, she had been unable to attempt to allay the concerns identified by the substantive hearing panel.

“The panel noted that Mrs Moss will now need to undertake a Return To Practice course.”

The hearing determined “that a risk of repetition remains in this case and concluded that a finding of continuing impairment is necessary on the grounds of public protection.”

If Mrs Moss wishes to return to working as a nurse, she must comply with several requirements, including completing an NMC-approved Return to Practice programme in the next 18 months, and notify the NMC of any appointment she accepts.

If she does not complete the course in the given timeframe, it may be that the next panel imposes a more severe sanction.

The hearing was the second review of a conditions of practice order originally imposed on Mrs Moss by a panel of the Conduct and Competence Committee in October 2015 and has not worked in a clinical environment since 2013. The new order will come into effect at the end of the current review period on May 31 2019.