VIDEO: Wigan man's plea to help his dying mum

A Wigan man is desperately appealing for help to fund potentially life-saving cancer treatment for his mum.

Thursday, 12th July 2018, 1:22 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:14 pm
Billy Brayshaw and his mum Caroline
Billy Brayshaw and his mum Caroline

Caroline Brayshaw was given only months to live when she made the brave decision to refuse chemotherapy earlier this year after doctors told her it would only prolong her life not provide a cure.

Now her son, Billy Brayshaw, 28, is appealing for the public’s help to raise £30,000 to get his dying mum “Proton Therapy” treatment in Prague after UK doctors said there was nothing they could do to save her life.

Caroline, 57, was given the devastating news in January this year - just three years after first being diagnosed with a tumour in her pancreas.

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Billy Brayshaw and his mum Caroline

The Ashton gran-of-four had already battled through her initial bout of the disease, overcoming strong chemotherapy treatment and surgical procedures to be given the all clear in 2016.

But sadly, despite her “healthy lifestyle” and “positive and strong attitude”, the cancer returned earlier this year - leaving Caroline’s family reeling from the shocking news.

Billy told the Observer: “Mum made the incredibly brave decision not to have chemotherapy this time. It was the right thing to do. Doctors said it would not cure it, just give her a bit longer to live.

“She had no symptoms and was worried about her quality of life, knowing how strong the chemotherapy was. She dealt with it so well last time, we were amazed by how she handled it, but she has made the decision not to go down that route again.

“So the whole family have been researching alternative routes and we kept coming up with Proton Therapy.”

After discovering that the treatment is not readily available in the UK, the family found a clinic in Prague which was willing to look at Caroline’s scans and discuss potential options.

“The chief surgeon appears confident he can treat my mother’s case and Proton Therapy could very well save her life,” said Billy.

Despite being told by doctors that she may only have three or four months to live without chemotherapy - scans show that Caroline’s tumour has not grown at all in the past few months.

Billy, who works as an Instagram model and has just reached 30,000 followers, has used the platform to reach out to people and try to raise money and awareness of his mum’s condition.

“People often don’t know much about pancreatic cancer,” he added. “I am lucky to have a supportive following on Instagram and it has always been a positive platform for me so I decided to share my story to help raise awareness of the disease.

“I’m sure it happens to most families that until someone close is diagnosed it’s only then that it adds a certain reality of the illness, which you were oblivious to before. My mum has never been one to be ill. Before the diagnosis, she had never taken a sick day.”

After months of battling with NHS red tape, the family have been able to send the relevant documents to the Prague clinic, which will carry out treatment as soon as the Brayshaws give them the green-light. To find out more about Caroline and the Brayshaws and to donate visit