Wigan-based Breastfeeding Together's cash appeal to help mums and babies

A fund-raising appeal has been launched to pay for equipment which could make a huge difference for new mums and their babies.

Tuesday, 7th May 2019, 12:55 pm
Cash appeal

Wigan-based Breastfeeding Together wants to buy two hospital-grade breast pumps to help those struggling to breast feed.

But the specialist items cost £2,000 each, so they have set up an appeal to help raise the money needed and are appealing for donations.

Project manager Elinor Halliwell said: “There are lot and lots of mums who, for whatever reason, are not able to directly feed from the breast and what benefits them is having a hospital-grade breast pump, which is far more expensive than you would buy from Boots or the supermarket.”

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The electrical devices are used to pump the milk so it can be given to the baby in a different way.

It can be used for many reasons, such as if the baby is struggling to latch onto the breast.

Mrs Halliwell said: “A lot of hospitals have them and they are available for mums, but when they come home from hospital they don’t have the same availability.

“Lots of women would be able to use them to feed their baby for longer.”

The pumps would be provided for free for mums who needed them.

It is one of the steps being taken by the organisation to boost breastfeeding in Wigan borough, where take-up rates are below average.

Fund-raising has now begun and will step up during Breastfeeding Awareness Month in June.

Donations to the appeal can be made via PayPal to [email protected]