Wigan pensioner Alan rediscovers his passion for painting

Alan Disley
Alan Disley

A 75-year-old Wigan man has overcome mental health obstacles thanks to a care home unleashing his passion for painting.

Alan Disley has always had an artistic streak and spent his younger years attending night classes to keep up his painting skills.

But sadly this stopped nearly a decade ago when Alan’s mental health declined and he struggled with depression.

Fortunately, when Alan moved to Ancliffe Care Home in Wigan, activities co-ordinator Josie McChrystal soon became aware of his talents.

After spending some time together she successfully encouraged Alan to pick up his paintbrush once again.

Josie said: “Alan had shown some interest in using my chalk to draw pictures and I knew that he used to enjoy painting.

“So, I found his old easel and paints and set them up in a lounge area where it was quiet, but he would walk straight past them every day.

“I offered him continued reassurance that he could and should have a go at painting again.

“Finally one day, he decided to take me up on the offer.”

Alan has enjoyed three painting sessions so far, with more planned.

The home is creating a display wall to show off his paintings alongside other arts and crafts produced by his fellow residents.

Alan said he “feels a sense of pride” when people comment on his artwork.

Reflecting on his rekindled zest for painting, he added: “I now feel I can do this more often and honestly, I’m impressed with the comments.”

Ancliffe Care Home is part of the Minster Care Group.