Wigan sexual health clinic champions a summer of safe fun

A sexual health campaign has been launched to champion a long, hot summer of safe fun for Wiganers.

With coronavirus pandemic restrictions lifted and many people taking the opportunity to holiday abroad or in the UK, Spectrum Community Health wants to convey the message to Wiganers that they can enjoy their summer and encourage them to take the necessary precautions to stay safe if they engage in any sexual activity.

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STI testing and contraception are two important factors the clinic wants to be on people’s minds this summer.

The campaign highlights the importance of using condoms

The campaign – named This Is What Summer Looks Like – aims to highlight the risks of having unprotected sex, the importance of using condoms and why keeping track of your sexual health, before and after your holiday, is as necessary as packing the sun cream.

Susan Hansford, head of Spectrum’s sexual health services in Wigan and Leigh, said: “During travel people often feel ‘free’ from their normal lives and habits and change their behaviour patterns.

“Having sex with a new or casual partner whilst travelling is not uncommon and is often unplanned and unprotected.

“Spectrum are launching their summer campaign This Is What Summer Looks Like to showcase all the different ways we can engage in a summer of fun but with the necessary advice, information and tips to keep ourselves and any prospective partners safe.

Exterior of Spectrum, sexual health, The Galleries, Wigan.

“It’s always a good idea to take charge of your sexual health and a routine STI test before and after a holiday or when changing sexual partners is a good habit to get into.

"That, along with always engaging in safe sex, carrying condoms and obtaining consent with a partner, are some of our top tips for enjoying a care-free summer.”

Spectrum Community Health CIC offers free, confidential and non-judgemental services in Wigan and Leigh, with information on all areas related to relationships and sexual health, advice videos, quizzes and tips on how to enjoy a summer in a safe and fun way on their campaign page.

To find out more, or to make sure you’re ready for your summer holiday, visit www.sexual-health.co.uk or follow @spectrumcicsh on Twitter.