Windfall joy for project to get Wigan OAPs active

Gary Ellis
Gary Ellis

Thousands of pounds have been awarded to a local group to help older members of the community.

The Coalfields Community Investment Programme gifted £8,500 to Wigan Warriors Community Foundation for a new project to help elderly residents become more active.

The funds will be spent on weekly two-hour sessions over 50 weeks which brings together more senior members of the community to help prevent loneliness and depression, improve physical activity and help support those with dementia.

The non-profit organisation currently runs several other projects to help raise awareness of older men’s health issues, such as Walking Rugby and the Dementia Reminiscence Campaign.

Warriors Foundation manager Mike Wearden said: “Not only will this money help them improve general levels of activity, but the project will also give them a chance to engage with one another and feel like they are much more of a part of their local community.”

Chief Executive of the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Gary Ellis said: “Providing coalfields communities with the opportunity to engage with one another in a positive and active way will undoubtedly help address this problem, which is why we believe it is vital that we support the Wigan Warriors Community Foundation.”