Yoga mum's quest to help curb depression

A mum who took up pole dancing and yoga to battle depression has released her own DVD to help others in the same boat.

Wednesday, 15th March 2017, 9:43 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:06 am
Becky Hampson

Becky Hampson, 32, who grew up in Atherton and now lives in Lowton, took to pole dancing at the age of 23 after years of mental health issues.

Despite her personal struggles, Becky who is mum to seven-year-old Myles, embarked on setting up her own business to spread her message of health and wellbeing across the north west.

“I set up my first studio on a £1,000 overdraft and three second-hand poles,” she said. “I just knew from my own experience,that it had worked for me. When you believe in something you can really be passionate about it.”

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Becky Hampson

After launching her first studio in Congleton, Cheshire, which Becky chose to do to avoid “stepping on her friends’ toes” who owned studios in Leigh, Becky focussed on promoting a strong message of mental health and “empowerment.”

An involvement in pole dancing, aerial hoop and silks also led Becky into a passion for yoga, which she says “changed her life.” Creating her own brand of yoga, “Fusion”, Becky trained in the art and began to host retreats abroad in Spain for clients wanting a “refreshment” package.

“When I was doing the retreats, the guests from around Europe were saying they were really going to miss it when they went home,” said Becky. “Some suggested that I bring out a DVD or do an online tutorial. Yoga in general is very important for your mindset, and calming your mind which I think is crucial.”

Becky, who has attributed coming off her antidepressants directly to her commitment to pole dancing and yoga, has acted as an advocate for those suffering with depression within the community.

Becky Hampson

In 2013 she choreographed and performed a routine dedicated to mental health at a competition at Wigan nightclub, Mortimer’s, where she won the regional heat. More recently, Becky, who runs her specialised “Fusion” yoga classes at Gymetc in Lowton and Lotus Flower Yoga on Lord Street in Leigh, has helped a woman suffering with anxiety.

“I feel like as well as a teacher I am a friend too,” said Becky, who met a new client at the supermarket and walked her to class to support her through her social anxiety. “If it helps her come to classes and not be nervous of going somewhere new then I am happy to do it. That kind of thing helps people and I know myself how it can feel.”

Becky is hoping to expand her brand and launch her next DVD alongside her son Myles in a campaign to support family-based yoga. She has already received support from Haydock-based film maker Lee Murad.

For more information about Becky’s Yoga DVD, classes and pole dancing offerings, visit