Looking forward to a tremendous Wigan festive celebration

Our columnist Geoffrey Shryhane anticipates what Santa might be bringing this Christmas...

Thursday, 14th October 2021, 3:45 pm
What will Christmas bring in Wigan this year...other than cold weather!
What will Christmas bring in Wigan this year...other than cold weather!

Let’s be perfectly honest: last Christmas was an absolute and total washout. Certainly it was for me and millions of those made depressed, frightened and utterly miserable by the virus.

In a way we were robbed of the wonderful festive season. And that’s why I’m sure Christmas this year will be fantastic and will surely make up for last year’s washout.

A socially-distanced Christmas dinner just isn’t the same and Santa stayed locked behind closed doors. And, for so many, family gatherings were a total no-no.

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But I’m convinced that what we lost last Christmas will be made up for this year. Last year, festive lunch for three. This year back to the usual nine – with the joy of a “new baby”. It can hardly get better although the infant will never remember how she was the centre of attention.

A My World reader tells me that, reacting to last year’s sadness, many people have booked early for a host of joyous festive fun.

Apparently, Father Christmas has been booked up well in advance.

For those dining out on the Big Day, early reservations are absolutely vital. Dare I say that many will be disappointed. One young couple promised to “party like there’s no tomorrow”. And who can blame them?

On a quieter note, the churches will be open and I, like you, look forward to warbling away at our local carol service. Festive joy will, as they say, be in enthusiastic abundance.