A cheesy start to a not so Shameless relationship

Ben Batt with partner and Shameless co-star Rebecca Atkinson
Ben Batt with partner and Shameless co-star Rebecca Atkinson
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SHAMELESS stars Rebecca Atkinson and Ben Batt are one happy couple.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Rebecca has revealed they have just finished doing up their new home in Salford, but she has no plans to settle down with the former Standish resident yet.

She said: “We’d love to get married and have a little family but we’re going to leave it for a bit - get some years under our belt first.”

The 28-year-old also revealed how she and Ben started dating, whilst filming the popular Channel four series

Rebecca, who plays Karen, said:”Ben and I had been working together for quite a while and I think I actually fancied his acting ability first.

“And then we’d done some of the sexier stuff, nothing too heavy, just some kissing and I suddenly realised that I did quite like him and should probably ask him out.

“One day we were going home in the car and we both lived in Salford and I was like, ‘So, are there, um, any decent bars around here then?’ - it was really cheesy.

“So Ben pointed to one and I said, ‘Oh, so you, er, go in here then?’ and so Ben looked at me funny and asked if I wanted to go for a drink.

“I was like, ‘Well, do YOU want to go for a drink? And then we went. And it was lovely.”

She added she and Ben wanted to keep their romance a secret, but their fellow cast mates had worked it out anyway.

She added: “When we told them, they just laughed. We were the worst actors apparently - they all knew because of our body language.”

Rebecca also said that Ben could not be further removed from his previous bad-boy character Joe.

She said: “Ben’s a good northern lad, which is always an attractive quality for me.

“He’s a big softie, a cutie pie.

“He must be pretty talented to make me love him so much in real life when I wanted to poke his character in the eye.”