A law unto themselves


TOURING around the world certainly has its funny tales, as Lawson have found.

The four-piece band, which include former Winstanley College student Andy Brown, have experienced many things, from near death experiences and dodgy loos.

Andy said: “I was at The Reading Festival. My friend went to the toilet where it is like a swimming pool of toilet and then with kind of drop zones, above the swimming pool. And there was a man screwing around in the swimming pool and jumping up at people through the toilets.”

Andy also spoke about the time a roadie nearly fell out of the tour bus.

He said: “There was a near death experience, The guy who was doing our monitors at the time was leant against the door and was trying to right it. And he accidently, this must be a fault with the bus, as we were going sixty or seventy miles an hour down the motorway, he accidently hit the open door button and the door behind him started to open as he started to fall. I don’t know how he did it, he just corrected it and was like, ‘No!’”

The lads - Andy, Ryan Fletcher, Joel Peat and Andy Pitts - recently played at the Isle of Wight Festival.

They are also playing at the Mouth of the Tyne Festival on July 11; Access all Access All Eirias on July 26; T-Live in Telford on August 30 and Fusion Festival in Birmingham on August 31.

They also cleared up rumours that Ryan was dating former Pussycat Dolls member, Ashley Roberts.

Ryan said: “No, we’re just friends and we hang out a lot.”

In other music news, Rick Astley returns to Haydock Park this Saturday the Here and Now tour. The Newton-le-Willows singer will be performing alongside other 80s stars.

He said: “There is an element of nervousness playing that close to where I’m from, but it’s nice on your own patch when people come along and you can say hello.

Rick also explained the appeal of Here and Now: “There’s definitely a love for the 80s. “We all want to relive our youth.”