A life-saving mission

Andrew and Geraldine Main have set up a new social enterprise to provide a HIV Aids programme
Andrew and Geraldine Main have set up a new social enterprise to provide a HIV Aids programme

A NEW drive to provide a life-saving HIV education programme in the developing world has been set up in Wigan.

Insightful Meanings has been working with Wigan School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) to develop a non-profit-making social enterprise bidding to prevent Aids and other chronic diseases.

Run by husband and wife Andrew and Geraldine Main, the scheme is just starting to take shape and the pair hope to recruit Wigan volunteers in the near future.

Geraldine, education development advisor at Insightful Meanings, said: “My background is as an education development advisor and I have a specialist interest in action learning, especially with large health service organisations. I have worked with a large international charity which specialises in HIV and Aids.

“Andrew also works in education leadership and development in East Africa and has worked with HIV and Aids charities over there in the last seven years. So we are keen to use this to support organisations to manage change in education and we have worked in Nairobi, Moshi, Tanzania, Nairobi and Kenya.

“We want to manage health and social care education and in partnership with others, get funding for projects. Our aim is to develop more innovative ways of teaching so teachers can help their students and inform them of better health provisions.

“So we train staff in Africa and deal with health and social care nurses. We also work with people in prisons, in Africa, helping them to understand HIV and we go into the communities to support that.”

Based in Astley, Geraldine and Andrew are looking for funding to keep the project going. Geraldine, who has been volunteering in Africa since 1999, added: “If we make money, we re-invest it. We try and work with funders so we can get finances and help set up more projects in Africa.”

To get involved, or for more information, visit www.insightful-meanings.co.uk