A magic time at the circus

THE circus rolled into town last week and thrilled Wiganers young and old alike with a variety of sensational performances.

Circus Vegas pitched their big top next to the SoccerDome and put on shows over three days featuring, amongst other things, Vegas Showgirls, acrobats, daredevils, a strongman, a clown and - the highlight of the show - a mind-boggling magician.

A performer at Circus Vegas

A performer at Circus Vegas

If, like me, you have only ever seen magic on tv, apart from the odd card trick here and there at wedding receptions and the like, you’d be astonished up close and personal.

The magnificent Circus Vegas conjurer was making his dainty assistant, and others, disappear and reappear in the blink of an eye, just 10 yards in front of me.

I’m no sucker and always try to think logically when it comes to magic tricks, but boy was he good - I had no idea how he was doing it. Mirrors? Trap door? Secret compartments? Didn’t look like it to me!

“Fantastic” I gushed to him at the end as the performers lined up at the exit to thank the crowds for coming.

What I really wanted to say was: “How in the name of sweet Jimmy Cricket did you do that?” - alas I didn’t have time. Plus, he might have made me vanish for being so insolent!

The magician was the undoubted highlight for me but my lads, 10 and eight, enjoyed it all.

If you missed the circus in Wigan, check out their facebook page to see where their UK tour stops next - it’s well worth a visit.