A never-ending love story

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh
Kelly Brook and David McIntosh

IT looks as though Kelly Brook and David McIntosh are back on.

The couple have been on and off since they announced their split in September, but the former Ashton fitness fanatic has confirmed they are meant to be.

He was by Kelly’s side at her 35th birthday celebrations as they dined out at Rules Restaurant in Covent Garden and he told The Sun, he said: “Kelly and I are madly in love. This is love. No matter what goes on, we can’t stand being apart.

“We are back together now. That’s the truth and that’s because of love.

“Neither of us can help it man. It’s love, love, love.”

And to add fuel to the fire, Kelly was papped wearing a huge sparkling diamond on her finger, creating speculation they are - once again - engaged.

This is despite the pair being spotted with other potential love interests over the last week. On Tuesday David was with First Dates star Jess Impiazzi, whilst Kelly sparked rumours she was dating was James Crabtree.

Meanwhile, another former Wigan resident’s love life is on question as Kerry Katona has admitted that she is unsure whether her marriage to George Kay will last.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: “Life throws all kinds of hurdles at you and I’m sure there is going to be much, much more to come my way as time goes on. Because that’s life.

“I’ve had so much bad luck over the years but that’s the way it goes.

“We’ve not got this perfect relationship, this fairytale Cinderella happy ending. It doesn’t exist.

“We will argue. My mood swings can be outrageous.

“But it is how you deal with the problem and how you react as a couple. And being a team. And working at it.

“I can’t predict this marriage is going to last forever. If there are two people in a relationship and one wants to get out there’s nothing I can do to control that.

“But I’m an old-fashioned person. I believe in that fairytale wedding.

“It hasn’t worked in the past but does that mean I have to give up on it? I’m giving this one a go.”

Her were reported to have upset George, who was arrested and sectioned under the Mental Health Act after suffering a steroid-fuelled insecurities three months before their wedding.

But the Atomic Kitten singer, who spent most of 2013 in Haigh, defended her statements, saying the comments were taken out of context, tweeting her husband: “I can see myself without a lot of things but I could never see myself without you.”