A novel online hit for teen

Deanery High School pupil Chloe Hulse
Deanery High School pupil Chloe Hulse

AVID readers are waiting the next instalment of a Wigan schoolgirl’s exciting thriller.

Chloe Hulse, of Bickershaw, has been penning her first book – Chicago State – on writing website Wattpad and has already gained more than 8,000 views and reads.

The 15-year-old discovered the site through a friend who enjoys reading unpublished works from amateur and enthusiast writers,

Chloe, who attends The Deanery High School, said: “Every so often I write a chapter for a book on Wattpad and people can read it.

“Sometimes I get messages from people asking me to hurry up and write the next bit, which is encouraging.

“I have about 8,200 reads and I get a lot of good comments.

“When someone votes for it and I get a star for a chapter I feel more confident and I want to write more.

“Chicago State is so-called because the characters attend Chicago State School.

“I originally intended the book to be about a girl and her twin brother at school and they have to move, but then I watched Gone Girl and was influenced by that, so I added a twist.

“The lead character meets another pupil, Christina, who is a bit weird and tries to mess up her life.

“I started writing this a year ago and have written 20 chapters.

“I am quite near the end now: I think I only have five or six chapters left. Sometimes I go back to previous chapters and edit them.”

Chloe hopes to become a professional author and is thinking ahead for her next book to promote on Wattpad.

She said: “I have always been really interested in creative writing and I would love to be an author.

“I love the freedom of being able to write what you want and create your own world for people to interpret.

“It has always been a dream to have a book on the shelf that someone can pick up and read.

“This is the first step to my achieving that.

“I have a lot of different ideas and when I get inspired by something I make notes on my phone, so I hope to write more on Wattpad.”

To sign up and read Chloe’s story and to find other unpublished works, visit www.wattpad.com/signup