A Spicy taste for The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings
The Ting Tings
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THE Ting Tings have revealed their secret love of The Spice Girls.

The pop duo admitted that the concept for their second album, Sounds From Nowheresville, was that each song would carry a different sound.

Lowton-born Katie White said; “(We wanted) to make a record that didn’t sound like an album, to reflect the way we listen to music.

“We just wanted the freedom to go: ‘wow, we’ve just really got into watching old Nancy Sinatra footage, let’s get inspired by that.’

“Or TLC, we love TLC, let’s try and get inspired by that. I think the second we did that it gave us so much more freedom and creativity. All the pressure of that first album, what people expected from us, it just took it all away.

“We felt so much better about writing songs, and we felt like we had a reason to write songs,

Because up unto then, the first album was just purely partying, frustration, punk. It was just this whole raw album. We weren’t in that raw place any more so we had to find it again.

And so what was with the Spice Girls vibe?

Katie said: “When I was young I used to dance around in my mum’s kitchen to Spice Girls, I’m not going to lie about it,

“It felt so amazing to try that, and this album let us.”