A star is reborn in Australia

James Walsh
James Walsh
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FORMER Starsailor frontman is loving his time touring in Australia.

He is currently performing gigs in cities down under, with former Superjesus singer turned Screaming Bikini artist Sarah McLeod and singer Jackson Mclaren.

The tour ends tonight in Sydney.

He admitted he was enjoying his time in Australia and was making the most of sightseeing.

He said: “I’m really looking forward to visiting Adelaide.

“I hope to explore the history of the place.”

He revealed that the last time he toured Australia was with the band, more than nine years ago, before his daughter was born.

Recalling the good old days, he told Tone Deaf magazine: “What was most funny was that sense of humour and sarcasm that us Brits seem to also possess. We’d come from doing shows in Europe where we’d had all this ridiculous praise thrown at us. It was like coming back to earth coming down to Australia – in the best possible way.

“It was like, ‘Yeah, your music’s good, but calm down a bit…’ That’s what I liked about the place. There’s a respect there and people appreciate good music but there was none of that hero worship like in other parts of the world. It was, ‘Well, you’re a normal bloke, you can come to the bar and have a beer with us.

“It’s good for any artist’s ego to come to Australia and realise the end of the day you’re just a guy. I think it’s great – it’s the best attitude to have. It makes you work a bit harder.”