Acclaimed sci-fi author in book signing event

Science Fiction author Jennifer Kirk
Science Fiction author Jennifer Kirk

ONE of the UK’s most promising science fiction authors is celebrating the success of her new novel with a host of book signings.

And one of Jennifer Kirk’s public appearances will be taking place in her home borough of Wigan.

Jennifer Kirk’s latest novel, Bringing Home The Stars, has received critical acclaim since its release in October last year, prompting book signing events across the country.

The 31-year-old former journalist and radio presenter is beginning to make a name for herself as a respected sci-fi writer and her latest offering has been well received by her fans.

In Bringing Home The Stars, which is her seventh novel, a man shunned by society, is given a chance to clear his name.

The price? To confront a monster that no-one believes exists.

The secretive synopsis is all part of the allure for her fans, from which the idea came from a dream Jennifer had.

She said: “The idea for this novel came from a vivid dream I had. I remember waking up and thinking it was brilliant, so I scrambled to get a pen and paper and it went from there really.”

Jennifer has her work published by All Mouse Media Ltd and previous novels include Atlantic Connection and Syndicate Dawn.

“I have been on the signing tour for quite a few months now and it is great to have some in my local area. It is enjoyable to get out and meet people, as being a writer is a very solitary job, so to get out and get feedback from people on your work is always good.”

“Growing up I always liked Enid Blyton and Arthur Ransome as their simplistic style left a lot to the reader’s imagination, which is an effective style of writing as imagination is far more powerful than any words on a page.

“Then, whilst still young I was introduced to Lord of the Rings through Tolkien and other great science fiction and fantasy novels, like Dune by Frank Herbert.”

Jennifer Kirk is at Waterstone’s book store in Wigan on Saturday, February 19 at 1pm. For more information visit