Actress Lauren vamps it up!

Actress Lauren Baldwin
Actress Lauren Baldwin

WIGAN actress Lauren Baldwin has sunk her teeth into some juicy roles in America.

The 27-year-old from Winstanley moved to Hollywood two years ago to pursue her acting career and has enjoyed great success - but she is still hoping that there is even more to come.

Next month she will start filming episodes for a web series - Suck and Moan ...Vampires vs Zombies, where she plays a British vampire.

And in October she will play an American mean girl in Finders Keepers, Thieves and Killers, a comedy film about two girls battling with each other to steal money found in an apartment.

The former Winstanley College student has also starred in a Blair Witch-style horror movie, which is yet to be named and will attend the Burbank Film Festival for the screening of The God Complex, a parody of Christianity, in which she stars as the Virgin Mary.

Lauren is also writing her own web series based on a family reunion.

She said: “I had fun with the vampire web series. I play a British vampire who kills other vampires. We are hoping this takes off, in light of the Twilight popularity.

“The horror film was the most fun I have ever had. But it was also the most work I have done, as it was very emotionally draining.

“Suddenly I was being called for auditions for everything I was applying for. I have a manager who sets up bigger feature films and I set up the smaller roles.

“There is a website where we can submit yourself for roles.

“Once I got booked, my confidence grew. There is so much going on all the time - I can pick and choose what work I want to do.”

Lauren is now back in Wigan for two weeks to catch up with family and she admits she loves being home - despite the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle in America.

She said: “I love being in America, but I miss my family and friends and the northern way of life and the sense of humour.

“It is a different world out there as there are so many opportunities. I love acting, it is so exciting as I get to be all these different people.”

Lauren admitted that she hopes to move onto bigger, more well-known films.

She added: “Hopefully I will get more interest and a bigger agent and get big cinema and TV work.

“I would like to be in The Hobbit or to work with Kevin Smith (an American writer).”

Lauren, who famously appeared in the Beatles’ Free as a Bird video in 1996, has appeared in Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Shameless and Waterloo Road.