Album number three...

Katie White
Katie White
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THE Ting Tings have already begun writing tracks for a new album in Ibiza.

The duo, which features Lowton singer Katie White, and drummer Jules De Martino, tweeted: “Album 3 Ibiza.. off tour for about 2 months now - tonight we stopped writing & cranked up live! 5 hours just flew by. (sic).”

The group have been stationed on the Spanish island for over a month, and appear to have been hard at work throughout.

A fan recently asked “new video soon?? WHEN?? (sic)” on Twitter, to which Katie replied: “A few months yet..Just starting it! Brain energy happening! (sic)

They also hinted they could embark on a low key tour of some smaller venues next year, with Katie writing: “Maybe we should do a garage tour in 2013? All sorts.“

The duo’s second album, Sounds From Nowheresville, was released earlier this year.

Katie previously said she wants to keep writing albums in quick succession.