Alfie’s a Warriors fan

Catherine Tyldesley and Tom Pitfield
Catherine Tyldesley and Tom Pitfield

HE may only be a few weeks old but little baby Alfie Pitfield has shown potential to becoming a Warriors player.

Proud dad, former Standish resident Tom Pitfield revealed that Wigan Warriors tweeted him and his fiance Coronation Street actress Catherine Tyldesley just after Alfie was born.

Catherine even joked: “Tom’s dad thinks he’s going to be a prop forward for Wigan.”

Tom, a personal trainer, admitted that he believes Alfie will be sporty when he grows up: “I want to get him into swimming and be active as soon as possible. We sit and watch Sky News together.”

Meanwhile, the couple have spoken to OK! magazine about their joy when Alfie finally arrived - two weeks overdue.

Catherine said: “We were both really impatient, especially when you’re stuck in the same room for that amount of time. We just wanted him to be here. We thought it would be a quick birth but it dragged on for 38 hours.

“Because the labour had gone on and on and the contractions were going fine but I wasn’t dilating, towards the end it became a little bit of a miracle.”

Tom said: “Because we went over two weeks it was a complete relief. You get to the point where you think you are never going to meet him, especially after being in hospital that long. We felt pure happiness when he arrived. It was everything we wanted it to be.”

Catherine added: “It was like it was not real. For me, one of the best moments was after he’d had a feed with me, Tom took his top off and he did skin-on-skin with him and just seeing Tom hold him was amazing and got me really teary.”

The soapstar added that Tom has been a perfect help whilst she has been recovering.

She said; “I’ve been very lucky that Tom has been so hands on and I got a lot of rest in those first few days. Tom has just been doing everything and running around after the two of us. I can’t fault him, he has been amazing.” She also revealed she can’t wait to return back to work at the end of July and was looking forward to filming the live episode in September.