Amazon publish Wigan student’s novel

Student Steph Mills
Student Steph Mills
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A YOUNG novelist is living her very own fairytale after her first full-length book was published on Amazon.

St John Rigby College student Stephanie Mills, 18, has had her debut novel Home Run published through the online entertainment giant’s Kindle store, and is currently in talks with publishing agencies over a paper release.

The novel, which took Stephanie three years to write, is a romantic thriller telling the story of a young girl who runs away from her home in Britain and travels to America after being threatened by her ex-boyfriend, and finds a chance of a better life through meeting a baseball player.

Stephanie, who originally came up with the idea for Home Run while a pupil at Cansfield High School, says she was not daunted by either the act of putting pen to paper or her story’s unusual subject matter, despite having to overcome a lengthy period of writer’s block.

Stephanie, of Tatton Drive, Ashton, said: “I’ve always been a reader, and I just sat down and started typing one day and realised I had a first chapter. That became the start of Home Run, so I just carried on writing from there.

“I generally find ideas just flow when I’m writing, but I went through a period of about six months where I would sit down and stare at the screen for hours and nothing would come to mind.

“I found that pretty hard to deal with, and at times I thought I would never finish the book, but people around me told me I shouldn’t give up and helped me. Then everything just clicked into place one day and I was able to finish the book.

“The girl in the book is in a very dangerous relationship, and she is told she has to leave the country. She goes to Boston, meets a baseball player and they fall in love.

“It’s a proper clichéd ending!”

Getting her novel published has made Stephanie something of a celebrity at her college and among her family.

She lives with parents Paul and Lisa, who she says are surprised by her literary ambitions.

She said: “I think they’re still in disbelief, they just stare at the computer and say: ‘My daughter’s done that’.

“I’m not really sure where I get my writing from. My mum’s not a big reader and my dad likes to read war books and conspiracy theory works.

“The principal at college has been telling everyone. People I don’t even know keep coming up to me and talking about my book.”

Stephanie is keen not to rest on her laurels, and is already three-quarters of the way through writing a second book, which she describes as being a comic chick-lit novel.