An old feud

Kay Burley
Kay Burley

KAY Burley has re-ignited her feud with Ulrika Johnson, after the Swedish presenter made a jibe at her expense.

Following her 25th anniversary at Sky News, Kay hit back at critics such as Sir Terry Wogan, who claimed ageing female presenters should not complain when they are replaced as they often use their looks to land TV roles as young women.

Kay added she blew “a few holes in the argument of people who say that older women can’t be a success in television, adding: “I’m the longest-serving British newsreader. That’s quite a lot of longevity, isn’t it?”

But Ulrika took the perfect opportunity to attack the former Beech Hill resident, by writing in the Sun: “Sky News presenter Kay Burley, who has been on screen for 128 years, says she is living proof that ‘older’ women can work in TV. Yes Kay, but one tit doesn’t make a spring, love.”

But Kay, not one to hold back, wrote on Twitter: “Just off to work in my 4x4 to start my 129th year in front of the camera. Tune in from 2 ;-)”

The feud between the two started back in 2007 after Kay knocked Ulrika out of a Dancing on Ice skate-off.

Kay’s broadcasting history has had its controversial moments, including mistakenly mocking US Vice President Joe Biden for marking his forehead with ashes on Ash Wednesday, telling viewers it looked like he had ‘walked into a door’ and making Peter Andre cry,

She said: “I’ve had so many bloopers I’ve no idea where to start. There’s a great quote that goes ‘Doctors bury their mistakes, lawyers lock theirs up, and television presenters broadcast theirs’, and it’s true.

“Of course you make mistakes. You can’t be the longest-serving newsreader in the world and not make mistakes, but the key is to get back on the horse.”

She began her career on the Evening Post and Chronicle in Wigan in 1978 before working in local radio and television. She joined TV-am in 1985 as a reporter and breakfast TV presenter. She joined Sky News in 1988.