Andrew’s 100-mile challenge

Andrew Goulding, of Haydock, will trek along the Great Wall of China for Alzheimer's Society
Andrew Goulding, of Haydock, will trek along the Great Wall of China for Alzheimer's Society
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A FORMER Wigan man will trek 100 miles in 10 days to raise funds for research into an incurable disease which has burdened his father.

Andrew Goulding, 37, who grew up in Haydock, is preparing to walk along the Great Wall of China in October for the Alzheimer’s Society.

His dad, Tony, 71, was diagnosed with the illness three years ago and Andrew wants to raise funds to support research on how to find a cure.

He said: “I really want to do something because there is no cure yet and it is the only disease where I have never met anyone who has survived it.

“I want to raise money to fund research and I want to support its befriending service, where a volunteer visits people with Alzheimer’s.

“My dad can’t really leave the house and my mum, Audrey, 70, is a full time carer.

“He goes to a carers centre once a week and with the Alzheimer’s Society’s befriending service, someone comes round for a few hours to keep him company while my mum does the food shopping.

“It is quite a strain. The disease does not affect the person who has it, but the people around them.

“My dad’s memory is quite bad and he gets confused, but he knows who we are.”

Andrew, who left Wigan seven years ago to be a presenter of Free Radio, in Birmingham, will join a group of fund-raisers for the challenge, organised by The Alzheimer’s Society.

He will begin the trek on October 6, and will complete the challenge on October 15.

Andrew added: “I have not yet started training - I will start over the summer.

“I am sure with a bit of training I will be alright, but I will be walking between 10 and 15 miles a day, so I bet I will have blisters on my blisters.

“I have told my dad what I am doing, but I don’t think he really knows what is going on.

“My target is to raise £3,000, but I have already raised £2,000, so I hope to make £5,000.”

Fund-raising has already begun to support Andrew as a charity night - Evening of Mediumship - was organised at St Cuthbert’s Rugby Club, Montrose Avenue, which raised £595.

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