Andy’s big thank you to his brain tumour doc

Former Winstanley College student Andy Brown, of boyband Lawson
Former Winstanley College student Andy Brown, of boyband Lawson
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LAWSON singer Andy Brown has revealed how developing a brain tumour had turned his life around and how he repaid the doctor who saved his life.

The former Winstanley College student was diagnosed was the tumour six years ago and was told there was a good chance he could die and a 40 per cent chance of facial paralysis.

Whilst the lifesaving operation left him deaf in one ear, he made a recovery and began covering songs online.

He was discovered by bandmates Joel Peat, Adam Pitts and Ryan Fletcher, under the guise of The Grove and they decided to rename themselves after Dr Lawson - the man behind Andy’s recovery.

Andy said: “I was 19 and the hearing in my right ear completely went, I went to see a specialist who gave me an MRI scan that showed I had a brain tumour. It was rare and if I had waited any longer I would have gone blind.

“It was horrible for me and my family, but the doctor did a great job.

“I had severe headaches for a year. There were times when I was in hospital and I thought I’d be better off dead.

“There was actually two doctors - Dr Lawson and Dr Lesser.”

The 25-year-old also revealed that before joining Lawson, he was with Avenue, with The Wanted’s Max George, but it didn’t work out.

He said: “I’m actually glad, I need a guitar around my neck.”