Andy’s naked vow

Andy Brown
Andy Brown

LAWSON singer Andy Brown has promised to run through London naked if their song Brokenhearted gets to number one tomorrow.

He made the vow following a chance encounter with singer Robin Thicke, whose current song Blurred Lines is number one.

He said: “We bumped into Robin Thicke in the studio.

“We are loving him at the moment, can’t get enough of him so it’s pretty full on to think we are now up against him in the charts with ‘Brokenhearted’ this weekend.

“I promised that if we make it to number one that I’ll run through London naked.”

“If we beat Robin Thicke then maybe we can make a Thicke/Lawson remix with his video and Lawson in the background instead of the girls he had... I’m not certain he would go for it though!”

He added Brokenhearted, which features rapper B.o.B. is one of eight new songs for a repackaging of the band’s album Chapman Square.

He said: “We ripped a random rap off YouTube and it sounded good. So we went to the label and asked to have a rapper, like Wiz Khalifa did for Maroon 5.

“B.o.B. loved the track and it all went from there.

“You have to craft your sounds as your career moves on. These are the best songs we’ve written.

But the former Winstanley College student also has designs on being a judge on BBC’s The Voice.

He told The Daily Star: “I think it’s a brilliant show.

“Not only do I watch The Voice but I obviously have an interest in that sort of thing, because I’ve been singing, writing songs and playing guitar since I was a kid.

“Anything I can do to help up-and-coming musicians is great. If I was approached I’d love it.”

As well as penning his own hits, Andy is a prolific songwriter for other artists, writing for Union J and has given music to One Direction.

Lawson will be performing at T In The Park in Scotland this weekend.

He added: “Festivals aren’t a typical Lawson audience so it’s a great opportunity to make new fans. ”