Baby joy for Catherine and Tom

Catherine Tyldesley
Catherine Tyldesley
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CORONATION Street actress Catherine Tyldesley is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Tom Pitfield.

The Standish-born personal trainer is said to be delighted about the news and can’t wait for their bundle of joy to arrive early next year.

Catherine said she had her suspicions she was pregnant, but didn’t believe it.

She told Hello: “I thought I could be pregnant at two weeks because I am very in tune with my body. I was very tired and I wasn’t feeling right.

“Tom and I had been joking on and off that I might be pregnant, totally not believing it, even though we’d been talking about starting a family maybe next year.”

Catherine did a test at work as she could not wait. When the first one came back negative, she did another, which was positive.

She then rang Tom up.

Tom, a former Standish High School pupil, said: “It was the best news ever. It was a shock, but not a sit-down-and-talk-about-it-shock. It was right. This is it, this is us and we just started planning straight away about getting the nursery fixed.”

And Catherine admitted finding it difficult keeping her pregnancy secret when she was suffering from morning sickness.

She said: “I think my on-screen boyfriend Ryan Thomas suspected because we were together all the time.

“One day I left the set because I felt sick and then sent him out to get gherkins. He put his hand on my belly and I said: ‘shut up...I have just eaten something that disagreed with me.’”

The couple met nine months ago as Catherine was attending the gym at Hale Country Club, where 27-year-old Tom works.

Speaking of how they met, Catherine told Hello: “Tom used to run some of the spin classes at the gym.

“I remember walking past one time and he looked amazing. After three months of being with Tom I knew he was absolutely The One. And it’s the most amazing feeling.”

Their first date came after the 30-year-old posted on Facebook that she was looking for someone to watch Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom with at the cinema.

Tom offered to take her, but he was unsure if it was a proper date, so he asked her out a second time.

She agreed, but Catherine had to postpone as she was admitted to hospital with a sickness bug. But he won her heart after he came round to look after her.