Baby joy for Kerry

Kerry Katona
Kerry Katona
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CONGRATULATIONS to former Wigan resident Kerry Katona.

The Atomic Kitten singer has given birth to her fifth child - a baby girl, on April 4.

Kerry is yet to divulge the name of her daughter, but she said that she and fiance George Kay are smitten.

The 33-year-old, who lived in Haigh for a few months last year, but now lives in Surrey, posted on Twitter: “And the night feeds begin… omg, she’s so beautiful. Can’t believe she’s mine. I could just eat her up on a butty xx.”

“It’s amazing how you fall in love as soon as you see your baby!! Can’t stop staring at her. So perfect.”

Kerry hasn’t provided any information about her new arrival, but did suggest the birth didn’t go as smoothly as she perhaps would have liked, adding: “It’s been very traumatic.”

She then sent a gushing message to George: “You are the most strongest person I know! I would never of got through that without you. You’re amazing!”

George replied: “We’re a strong team baby. It’s you that got me through it. Miracles do happen. Love you both so much.”

He later said: “It’s true what blokes say, about that feeling of pure love that you get when you first clap eyes on your baby. #beautiful.”