Baby trauma for Kerry

Kerry Katona says she's still a believer in marriage
Kerry Katona says she's still a believer in marriage
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KERRY Katona has spoken about her traumatic birth, which left her fighting for her life.

The Atomic Kitten singer revealed that he was petrified when her 10-minute-old daughter, Dylan Jorge, was pulled form her arms and had to be revived by medics after she stopped breathing.

Kerry told OK magazine: “I had a weird sensation that something wasn’t right. She wasn’t making a noise but she was moving.

“Ten minutes after giving birth she was lying on my chest and she collapsed. She stopped breathing and her heart stopped.

“I screamed as they tried to revive her, saying ‘promise me she’ll be okay.’

“Her whole body completely shut down like she’d given up.”

But moments later the 33-year-old, who moved down south last autumn after residing in Haigh for a few months, faced fresh trauma as she started to lose a dangerous amount of blood,

She said: “I was losing loads and loads of blood because the placenta didn’t come out and it burst inside me. I was in shock.”

She was rushed to an operating theatre where surgeons removed her placenta, while Dylan was elsewhere in the hospital, fighting for her life.

Meanwhile, new daddy, and Kerry’s fiance, George Kay, could do nothing but wait, fearing he would lose both.

He said: “They were trying to revive Dylan, who was going blue and Kerry was full of tears on the bed.

“Next thing another team of doctors comes running in for Kerry.

“I thought it was all over.

“In my lifetime I’ve seen some horrific things but the thought of losing your two most loved people at the same time,,,I was a mess.”

George saw his daughter later that night and described how she was hooked up to a breathing machine, but recovered 12 hours later.

Kerry, who has four other children, Molly, Lilly Sue, Heidi, and Max, added that George is the perfect father, changing nappies and even took her for her first shower.