Band bids for fame in states

The Klang
The Klang
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A WIGAN band who debuted at Haigh Fest two years ago have reformed and bagged themselves a record deal with and American label.

The Klang split when two of the original members, Danny Calland and Sam Longhurst, went their separate ways leaving Lewis Whalley and Alex Winstanley to carry on the band.

But two years later, back with a bang, The Klang have landed themselves a contract with Virginian record label, Damon Records and plans to distribute their music worldwide have begun to take shape.

Lewis Whalley, vocalist and guitarist, said: “After the others left the band, me and Alex took a bit of time out to think about what direction we were going to go in. We carried on writing new material and continued to practice a couple of the songs we used with the old line-up that we intended to play if we got a new line-up together.

“We always knew we’d carry on really, the thought of packing it all in never crossed our mind.

“After our mild success which included us getting on at Haigh Fest, we thought it’d be daft to just leave it.

“We found Tom, our new drummer, we stumbled on him purely through luck. It was obvious that he was a really talented lad so we invited him to come and have a practice with us and everything just seemed to click straight away.”

Bosses at Damon Records contacted The Klang via myspace to talk about striking up a deal. The band are currently in the middle of putting the finishing touches to the album and are setting a release date.

Lewis added: “It’s quite exciting to be signed to a US label as there’s now that chance that our songs will start getting heard over there.”

The album will be available from iTunes and Napster including the label’s online store.