Battersby battered on Total Wipeout

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FORMER Miss Wigan Warrriors Gillian Battersby sported plenty of bruises after taking on TV’s most physical game show.

BBC viewers will see local lass Gillian tested to the limit on Saturday as she competes in the fun but gruelling Total Wipeout.

Gillian Battersby (left) with Amanda Byram, the host of Total Wipeout

Gillian Battersby (left) with Amanda Byram, the host of Total Wipeout

It has been a long time since the former Miss Wigan Warriors took part in the show, fronted by Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram and famed for its hyped-up obstacle course – 18 months in fact.

But the memories of her South American adventure – some pleasurable some extremely painful – remain vivid.

The community events planner is no stranger to the small screen, having previously appeared on The Weakest Link.

Yet no verbal battering from Anne Robinson was equal to the lumps and bumps she picked up on the Total Wipeout course in Argentina.

Gillian said: “It was really, really hard. My family and boyfriend found it really funny that I was going on Total Wipeout. They were quite surprised when they found out I had applied though because it is so physically challenging.

“I lost all of my ‘let’s go for it’ approach when I realised it actually does really hurt. I got punched in the face, I cut my eye, I got battered and winded.

“They’re very clever how they set the tasks up. They put grease on the slide and everything.”

In fact the producer even told Gillian she was the most battered person she had seen on the show!

Gillian added: “I like to do things that people think you can’t do. I just think life’s too short and I’d like to grow older knowing I have a list of achievements under my belt.

Gillian appears at 6.30pm on BBC1 this Saturday.